This page is eventually going to have a lot more information on it, but for right now I (falcon) figured I'd cover the basics.

All of the existing accounts that were on Soul of a Poet from before have been transferred over (I think). Psudo's hard drive was really flaky, and it took almost an hour to pull off the databases. There was some data loss, but I think it's only a few works (less than 5%).

Anyway, if you had an old account on the system, what you need to do is create a new account on the system, and then shoot me an e-mail. I'm reachable at webmaster[at] It would be nice if you could provide some sort of validation of who you were, like the email address you used on the old system, so that I don't start linking up people's accounts to imposters. Once I can be assured of who you are, I'll merge your old works into your new account, and set your username to the old one (or leave it at the new one, if you prefer). Unfortunately there are no passwords on any of the old accounts. They were encrypted, and I don't have a decryption routine for them. So, they're set at a special "ghost" status, to reflect that they are an old account.

Keep in mind that not all of the functionality that there used to be is present on the new system yet. The whole site is being rebuilt from scratch in my admittedly sparse time. A lot of things are being changed in the process, too, hopefully for the better.

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