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<p>Let's see here... What to know about Archmage... Well, not sure what to say here, but I'll certainly give it a shot.</p><p>I currently attend New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech, A lot of essay-ish/formal/technical writing is done as classwork, competition entries, or just educational opinion. In these writings, I try to take a unique approach and view to express my opinions. Though, I HATE formal writing!! I have a hard time putting up with it and using it. Since when is writing more about grammer!,! and less about making a point?!! Bleh, I hate it. Well anyway, despite such constraints, my professors do notice that I write quite originally.</p><p>Other than my professional writing, I like to write long novel-like stories. These are what I really enjoy and are my pride and pleasure. Though you'll find many comma splices and poor grammar, it is still readable. These, as you may notice (if I have more than one uploaded... if that if you're reading this a bit early), are first-person of a dragon. I like dragons. No, I LOVE dragons. Yes, I am obsessed with them, and yes I know I'm not the only one. Though, I do seem to be the only one who puts more than 3 hours into writing a story about one. Oh well. You'll have to see for yourself. Just dun gripe at me because I write too much about dragons. I'll write what I want to write, thank you.</p><p>I'm not a poet, and yes, I know it. I'm a writer, simply that. If you find me writing a poem, give me a slap. I like to write, and hope I do it right. I sometimes use a rhyme or two to make sure it sticks to you like glue. It's a technique to me, and I hope it to be one you will see.</p>

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Human Qualities And Science Dec 5, 2002 Dec 5, 2002
Sanctity Of Science Dec 5, 2002 Dec 5, 2002
Technology And Happiness Dec 5, 2002 Dec 5, 2002
Where's The Essence Of Life In Science Dec 17, 2002 Dec 17, 2002
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