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<p>   Georgette Tan decided to be a writer shortly after her 12th birthday. By then, she had read so many books that the next natural step was to pick up a pen and write her own stories. She hasn't really stopped since. She have experimented with plays, novels, poetry, fan fiction and short stories. Her grammar is terrible.</p><p>   Finding that people are interested in her stories and getting nice comments from her readers were both surprising and encouraging. She have since decided that it's more fun to write just because she enjoys it. Pursuing publication will be considered when she stops being lazy. Her most recent obsession is with Christian fiction - the darker kinds. She enjoy novels by Frank Peretti, the Tim LaHaye & Jerry B Jenkins team, and several more secular authors who write about the horrors and drama of finding that religion isn't all myths and legends after all.</p><p>   Georgette is 24 years old but is occasionally prone to childish behaviour like happily digging herself a sandcastle on the beach at high noon, or thinking that the calories don't count because no one can prove that she ate it. She also think she's a cat.</p>

  • Member since: Jan 9, 2003
  • Last Active: Jan 9, 2003

Visible Writing

Work Created Last Modified
If You Look Aug 13, 2002 Aug 13, 2002
Light Aug 13, 2002 Aug 13, 2002
Dreamt No More Aug 13, 2002 Aug 13, 2002
Questions To A Vampire Aug 13, 2002 Aug 13, 2002
0 - Prologue Aug 16, 2002 Aug 16, 2002
1 - Eve Aug 16, 2002 Aug 16, 2002
Heritage Aug 27, 2002 Aug 27, 2002
The Firewind Letters Jan 8, 2003 Jan 8, 2003
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