Letter From An Optimist

By: OrangeGirl

(true story)


Well, spring break was quite eventful and informative in the social department. I got in a fight with Bob (our first one). We argued over MSN Messenger for about 2 hours, then worked it out and came up with a plan of prevention. Then I (finally) got over him (not meaning I don't care about him, I just love him as a friend rather than something more) and then I found out he has kissed two girls since we broke up, both within 2 or 3 weeks of each other. They are good friends with each other and the first one is my pretty good friend. The second girl (Sally) I'm kind of friends with too but haven't known her as long. Bob told me they are "semi-serious" yet he kissed her 3 days after they met, so I reminded him that he broke up with me because we were getting to serious and told him to be careful because I didn't want him or Sally to get hurt. The next day he tells me he talked to her about stuff and decided "they" weren't going to happen. All of this happened in one week! Not to mention everything else, like George and Mary having problems, Fred liking two girls a lot and not knowing what to do, ... etc. I've been on an extreme emotional roller-coaster this past week.

As for physically, I'm in pathetic shape. Not only am I exhausted from emotional stress, lack of sufficient sleep, and excessive physical activity, but I went skim-boarding Friday and twisted my foot (not my ankle, my foot) and forgot sunscreen, thus giving me a really bad sunburn (yes, I have blisters) on my whole body except where the swimsuit and shorts were. Then, I went snowboarding Saturday and my second run down, caught my toe edge going much faster than preferable and face planted, causing me to black out for a second and breaking my brother's goggles. So I lay there face down in the snow for a few minutes, just about crying. When I finally make it down the slope, I went in the lodge and took some pain med. And sat there slightly dizzy and with a migraine for about 45 min. Luckily, my brothers goggles were fixable so I didn't have to buy new ones, and the migraine was gone by the end of the day so I don't think I have another concussion. However, this morning I woke up with whiplash, especially the left side of my neck and two bad knees (I couldn't wrap them because of the sunburn.) The right side of my face is tender (where the goggles broke against my face), my right wrist hurts, and my chest is sore (like, it kills to laugh).

But despite all this, I am doing pretty good. I am happy and life is good.


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