Between You And Me

By: crystlrock

Hello God it's me again,

been a long long time my friend.

I'm a women now with other children that are grown,

I'm a women with a deep and dark soul,

as you already know.

I came here to the oceans edge,

as I have done so many times in the past.

To seek an answer, that was never very clear,

why did you take my first born,

a child that never gave you anything to fear.

I know I was young, and many times a fool,

but I believed what I was taught, in church and school,

That you loved us all, the weak and the strong,

you forgave all our sins no matter who we are.

Between you and me God, I want to know why?

I was young then and I thought I could fly,

as so many young teenagers, I told some white lies,

but I only did what I had to do to survive.

Between you and me God, I'll never forget,

what I was taught, about you the all forgiving

all you wanted was to hear a little prayer.

I went everyday, and did what I believed,

in the house of the lord, I would always be free.

Between me and you God,

please tell me why,

You never gave my BABY a chance to survive.

I believed what I was taught, I believed it was all true,

You would never punish us that are fools.

Now that I have other children that are grown,

I taught them all about praying to you,

I taught them to love you as I was told.

I told them that you were all forgiving and wise,

I told them that you would be their guide.

You would light their way all their dark days

All they had to do was believe and to pray.

I did this my God because I knew it was the right thing to do.

You have given me so much it's true.

But between me you and God I'll never forgive you.

For taking my BABY away

You did not need another ANGEL..

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