prosess essay

By: kyuhee (kyuhee.c)

How much different school of between South Korea with America.

This year is my exchange student year for a one year.So i learn a lot of different things.

Langurge, culture, and i made so much new friends.

I'm going South Medford High School and i have pretty much of new experiance from school class.

Seriously, American high school have really diferent classes type.

South Korean high school have really hard math or science class. We learn almost foundation for university.

In Korea, i had 13 class for my high school, and i had 7 AP class.

So, almost high school students spend a lot of time at the school.

But in American high school have lots of fun classes with really nice activity.

I came to America and i had choir class for my all senior year.

And seriously i had so much fun with choir but in korean high school, i spend most of time for math and learn english and

lots of AP class.

Korean high school, they are education level is pretty much higher than America  but both high school have good points and bad points.

Cause i used to be stay at school alomst 13 hours for a one day.

and learn a lot of different kind of math and science classes. But Korean high school they are just learning and learning.

But in American high school have more options for geting class and more fun.

Like have more activity. It can hlep make us to grobal opniean people. Cause American high school, they learn how to do somethings and

doing presentaion or talk with teachers so they can make sure what they learned and they can have some opinean.

But Korean high school have to learn a lot of dificulty level during high school. So we already get foundation for university or higher than that.

But we didnt talk with teacher and we never doing presentation things. so thats what im thinking we shoud be use both ways.

That make more grobal open mind with know more things. I think it's really good things to both country.



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