Is The Force With Me?

By: jasminegerling

Is the Force with Me?


            When I was six, the thing I was most scared of was the dark. Every night my mom would have to check under my bed and in my closet because we all know what comes with the dark, monsters that are under the bed or in the closet. After the monster check I would turn on my two night lights and go to bed. Around this time, My cousin Hayden who was ten at the time and, Carson who was eleven went through their Star Wars faze that every little boy goes through. I have always been close to my cousins so I would always hang out with them and most of that time was watching and playing Star Wars.


            I remember being little and everything seemed to be real, If it was in movies, on T.V. or, in a book it must be real would run through my head. Since I most likely annoyed my older cousins they told me “The Force” was real and would pull pranks on me to make it seem like it was. That night I crawled into my top bunk on my bunk bed; I grabbed my baby blanket I couldn’t sleep without at the time. About ten minutes later, my baby blanket fell off my top bunk onto the floor. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep without it but, it was night time and it was dark in my room and I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed due to my childish fear. But then I remembered “The Force!” I could use “The Force” to bring my blanket back up to me. I stuck my hand out and thought really hard. Then, the blanket started moving, not up to my bed but out my bedroom door! I was so amazed I could use “the force,” sure I needed to work on my direction but I could do it! I ran down the hall to where my blanket was. “The Force” was real all along. I thought: my cousins will think I’m so cool I can use the force they will want to hang out with me all the time! I stood there hesitant, what if I couldn’t control my Force good enough yet and I could never get my blanket!? I cautiously reached for my blanket and, closed my eyes just to make sure it wouldn’t move anymore. I felt the blanket at my fingertips but I couldn’t pick it up, it was hooked to something. As I opened my eyes my excitement was soon snatched away because my blanket wasn’t moved from my room by my Force, it was moved by my cat, the blanket had gotten attached to my cats collar. That night not only did I find out that “The Force” wasn’t real; I also conquered my fear of the dark. We all have fears but, none are too big to overcome.


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