What Education Means to Me

By: mrpenguinkai

Kai Bachmann

Mrs. Schaeffer

AP English/ Period 2

April 3, 2011


            Up until eighth grade I would dread waking up and following the same routine of arriving at school, usually late, way sooner than id like to be awake. Ever since I could remember, I’ve never considered my day to have started until I arrived from school. Everyday I heard the frequent use of “school sucks” by my peers and even myself throughout my entire life. Don’t get me wrong- I still hate waking up, being timed for everything, and bringing loads of paperwork home only to realize that a week later I still have it and it’s due the following morning; but I soon realized how vital education is for every living person to even have a chance at a future. Our Generation will struggle to make it in the years to come.  

Experience itself is obviously a form of education but one can only learn so much outside of school. Although living and life itself provides many lessons, much more is needed than existing, especially in this dimly lit future. Simply by attending school, hundreds of interests, opportunities, and passions may present themselves. By demonstrating diligence, or at least maintaining adequate grades, you, as an American are setting yourself up for success. In the U.S, twelve years of education is nearly free whilst third-world children pray for education because knowledge is so much more than power; it’s freedom and it’s a chance at a future.

It’s unrealistic to try and float by with the easiest, fewest, most useless and reputably entertaining courses and then fail because you just talk the entire time. Education is a gift and embracing the knowledge can benefit you in so many ways.

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