My Type of Brother

By: Tatiana (totsynana)

I was raised by the brother of all brothers

The best friend unlike any other

The football playing

Barbie doll decapitating

Hurt my sister

Watch your back before I send you to the hospital

Type a brother

The, let’s go camping

Have Tate load sis’s arms

Wood so high she can’t see the dirt path beneath her

And watch as the new scar forms

Scratches of a cougar

Bloody and cut up

Type a brother

The, why not sterilize with beer, the only antiseptic handy

And listen to her pain squeal away through an uncontrollable laughter

“Wow I wish you screamed instead”

Type a brother

Remember the nighttime street football games

Midnight Nerf gun wars

Hours of Monster in the Alley

Not stopping till the ball of flames fades away the darkness

All these ideas come from one

Type a brother

The out there, wild, stay up till 6 a.m. with batteries up his nose

Let him impersonate Lil Wayne

By licking a lollypop

His sister’s skirt on his head

Calling the strings dreadlocks

Rapping “Just call me tamp cuz I got blood on me er’day… form boxing”

Type a brother

The, goodtime seeking

Parents gone, let’s sneak a bunch a’ friends over

Be smart and leave at 5 a.m. so we won’t get caught

Type a brother

A, “Get to know my friends on a personal level

Since the ones who know you love you more than ever”

Why not share the love?

Type a brother

Let’s wrestle with a drunken mother

Kings Cup all the way around

That’s not skunk you smell at the neighbors’

Send a random picture

“Right now I look like this”

Type a brother

The C.O.D. teaching

Get his sister addicted

Forget the Xbox at Gilmore’s

Kind of sibling

Being the protector

While simultaneously keeping his distance

He’s my type a brother

The sit you down, have a serious talk

Type a brother

The time she felt trapped

Trapped inside a dark enclosed space

Having the faint… feeling

Like there's something calling her

Calling after her to go back

To go back into that dark daunting place

She’d go back

Back to drinking

Back to smoking

Back to carving hurting and hating

Back to puking till her eyes reddened with tears

Droplets trickling down her cheek

A sharp sensation of fire, eating at her throat

He listened

He once heard

He connected the dots

“Nana I'm worried about you”

Type a brother

Watching his watery eyed baby sister read her poem

As she held in

Choked up

Spat out

Her deepest secrets

Sitting in the dark with nothing but the light of the laptop dancing across her face

Her legs lay limp, dangling out the 2nd story window

Her gaze entranced by the street light, imagining before her eyes what she had just revealed

Every feeling she felt she scrawled on the pages of this worn torn journal

But when she read to her friends, they stood and did nothing

Not a damn thing

Not him, he's not that type of brother

He's the only one who will listen

Give guidance

Actual advice

“You're just a booty call”

The type a brother who wants her to be with one

“You're in love with him aren’t you?”




The type a brother that knows

The sister who has seen the player of the player of the past

Cry, less than a handful of times

Laying on her bed

Slowly falling silent

Hands hiding his face

Changing him, hurting him, making him crumble

How can a sister forgive?

The, accepting her brother’s wishes

Type a sister

He's the brother

The brother that took her out of her dark place

Who made her numb and gloomy eyes lift once again

Who had her stop, right where it all began

“I'm here no matter what”

Type a brother

The senior leaving for a college miles away

Who taught his sister how to swim

Helped her ride a bike

And now ends the phone with an

“I love you little sissy”

Type a brother

The sister who will freak out not seeing him in his room

Or the hallways at school

The type a sister that will miss the brother who isn’t there anymore

I was raised by A Brother

A Mentor

A Best Friend

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