Empty Net Goal

By: homestar680

Empty Net Goal

I get two hours a day for my big debut.
Best seats in the house, a room with a view.
Cold as it may be
I got my buddy
Standing beside me
I love my buddy.

We won so many games together.
We hit so many walls.
We had our sudden ups and downs.
We heard so many boos and awhs.
But one thing I always had...
Was my buddy
Standing beside me
I love my buddy.

But as seasons came and seasons went,
My buddy got up and off he took.
With opportunities in Indiana, I'm proud of my buddy,
But at the same time... I miss him.

Now I'm just and empty net goal,
Just trying to fill the score.
I play the game like I know how
But nobody plays the game...
the same...
as my buddy.

Nobody knows my book by heart,
I don't think there's anyone that cares.
My buddy misses me, I know he does,
But he is climbing up the stairs.

Who am I to stop him?
What kind of buddy would that make me?
I'm proud of you buddy!
Now go out and show me!

I miss my buddy.
I feel so lonley
Nobody gets me like you do buddy.
They just don't understand.
It's like scoring an empty net goal.
No satisfaction that I comprehend.

But hear this buddy, your the best I've ever had.
And I can't!
And I wont!
And I refuse to replace you!

Cause you're my buddy, and I love you!

Dedicated to Preston Carney (a.k.a Nails)
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