By: PoetPatriot


Without God creation fails to those without a faith.

Evolution is the god of the godless,

for the man without, who knows not God's word.

Without the alpha, explanations lack with words.

Depleted theory to behold of hypothesis dearly held.

Evolution is the god of his gospel,

for the man who seeks, recognizing not the course.

Origins to find, few distinguish varied courses.

Science with little fact a religion it becomes.

Evolution is the faith of lore,

to man's godless faith, believing in unproven thought.

Genesis alone, reveals God in all the thoughts.

The man who has no hope when he is lifeless,

Has a void in spirit and soul.

He does not know and so he does not care,

of a God who knows him, of a living God who cares.

- Roger W Hancock

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