Moon Fox

By: Wome

By the enchanted light of the midnight moon,

An elegant flame swims in the sea of white,

The fiery fur of this vixen; hidden soon,

Lonely silhoette imprinted on the frozen night.

The moon shatters in the sparkling frost,

And in this moment all perception is lost.

Her tail sways; a flickering candle-light,

Blazing spirit dancing amidst the crystal ice,

And beneath the quilt of stars, this ardent night,

Her fleeting appearance; a bewitching trice.

The moon's countenance; an unfathomable portrait,

Is the light trapped in ice with a shimmering fate.

The vixen's fire departs; monotony descends,

And the colourless obscurity serenades again,

Courting the moon towards it's inevitable end,

And on the bleak horizon closes it's ethereal reign.

The moon sails silently in the vast starry sky,

And this moment's beauty is lost in a sigh.

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