3rd Chime

By: Murasaki

i hope you remember as well as i do

of the way that the wind blew, and the chimes that it threw.

the first time you turned on me, wasn't much fuss at all

what you did was gave up on the the way that we live

me in my bro's house with the rooftop peaked tall

and you with your friends all up in your room.

juvenile entrapment was ok to me

just as long as i held you when times were amiss

but then you just said things, to which i didn't agree

and pointed right at me as if ignorance were bliss

as i snuck up your window with your father's latter

peering within your window as you were asleep

i felt as we had something missing, i was the matter

so, i found myself home, crying upon messy sheets

the phone rang next morning as you were on the other line

and you were screaming maddly that there was someone else

i screamed back in anger as you told me i'm fine

but you needed a change, another toy off the shelf;

i visited you this day with my words so unkind

this was when i heard the first devilish chime.

i swore now that we were over that i'd never fall again

but the self-vow was broken when up you arised

from the ashes you forged when you left your new men

then convinced me you left them for the tears in my eyes

i felt like a god when you did return

that noone else filled the place you've for me

but, again, you found another way to help me to burn

oh, again with the heartache, how we weren't meant to be,

that you and your jerry and michael's alike

could bitch and complain about how much you hate

the way that you treat each other like

dirt you walk upon just to grate.

leave me now and find yourself the way you want to live

make sure you stay this time and keep away from mine

no more could i stand to sit on my porch,

for the wind would then blow, and, came with, my chime;

Blam... now the world is all blurry and i can't see plain

as the bullet rips fully in out of my brain

and the pulp falls helplessly bloody to the ground

for this is the redemption that i now have found

so this shall end my rambling divine

as now i shall never hear the bloody third chime.

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