Athazagoraphobia Girl - No. 3 "My Secret"

By: Kitsune

There's something I'm keeping from you

A fearsome secret, most cherished secret

A killing secret, my precious secret

It's etched into my mind

Wrapping me tightly in nerves

It devours my thoughts

Your face is beginning to fade from my memories

I lie awake, pillow swallowing tears

I think you can see it in my eyes

Darting this way and that

I can't keep still

Seconds until I tell you, minutes until we part

This is chewing on my heart

One by one separating the strings that hold it together

Strings with your name

Spin, my mind is spinning, your words fly invisible

Spin faster, it'll go away

Like spider thread, you brush against me

Trying to hold me still

I laugh, dancing away, crying

It was fun.....

A smile on pale cheeks

Good bye.

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