Attempted murder of my soul

By: crimson.bead

Flirting with lust or murder?

Offer me a sanctuary to disguise your motive

Bath drawn to lure me out of my protective clothing

Soft music and flickering candle light are alluring to one who seeks tenderness

If it seems too good to be true, it is.

The bath is cold

Nothing to keep me warm, I am aware of my nakedness

It becomes colder and colder

Are you hoping that I will freeze in hell

or is this the day that hell freezes over?

The music is off key

The dissonance grates my senses.

Unpleasant vibrations agitate the sediment at the bottom of my heart

The suspension clots, blood thickens

My heart aches.

The wine tastes bitter

It is not wine, is it?

Too late now.

Rosy lips and tongue tainted with bitterness not so different to yours

Am I going to pay the ultimate price for the paltry amount consumed?

The gentle flame of the candle turns into a wildfire

Fire through my soul…kill what is alive

But I will regenerate, you can be sure.

I have survived fire, ice, and poison many times

I hope you can find your own way out.

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