By: Murasaki

why in the world's my world on fire?

the burn, the smell it sickens me.

never ending in e y e s of sorrow.

extinguishing this flame would be

futile and useless, you see

as it will r i s e again ... forever.

blood lust blood lust

find me again

sooth me consume me

get under my skin...

blood lust blood lust

bring me to my knees

thrill me kill me...

do as you please

drop your eyes 'til eyes are dropped

as it will drive into your mind,

make you f e e l insane...

lost to the world of make-believe.

none of this can be real now

my life has whirled w r o n g side ... down

my very soul is lost with lost souls

do you really think it would help to shut my eyes?

as i see the same in both worlds,

pitch dark venomous black.

that none of this is truly 'mine'...

as if it were so, could i not s t o p this... this...

torment... torment...

searing my veins...

scorching my everything...

tearing me until not even i can

know me anymore!

none of this is truly 'mine'...

it's the reflection,

not of what used to be,

but of horror which never really was...

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