Dear God

By: Murasaki

Dear God,

If ever i had reason to believe in you then now would be the time,

To pray alone this single prayer for an answer to my rhyme;

Why is it you took my friend, he was still so young, you know,

I just don't see the reason you decided he had to go.

I believed in you up til this point, that you created good,

That all the world's a mystery that only you understood.

But now I see you differently, your wonders no longer catch my breath,

It's not those within the world who kill, but you who brings our death.

So here's the words I preach to you upon your shiny throne of gold,

I denounce your existance unto the world, for no man could be so cold.

How could I believe in a man who could end one's life so fast?

How could I believe in a man who ignores the request i ask?

You took something away from me that ment so much in life,

You mean, now, not a damn thing to me, and to others you fill with strife.

But I refuse to be a sheep from the herd of the "so-called-master" lord,

And now you're just a memory, you've impaled your final sword.

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