A Certain Sort of Ecstasy

By: siet

In the calm surrender of elemental bliss I

open my eyes in a womb of ocean chill held

tightly in the clutches of pristine beauty wanting

only to drag me down

Her voice is like a clipped music box trembling

in the depth of this behemoth holding me her

lips like leeches against my skin drawing from

me all she can take all I can offer hands

clawing into my naked skin and refusing to

allow me this one gasp of oxygen needed

to pull away

My whole life I had convinced myself that I

wanted her and now faced with the inevitable

surrender into her flesh I find my whole being

in panic thrashing against this cold embrace

begging for anything other than her touch

And yet in these final moments I can recall

all the times I promised her myself swore that

I would be hers when she called and now

here I am faced with an eternity lasting only a

few seconds abandoning my body

forgetting my soul

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