By: oblivion

She is tumbling down in a merciless darkness,

a vast and massive plain of nothing... of starkness.

It is a massive void of nothing, yet of everything,

in the black, she hears their voices sing.

They taunt and harass her and set lose her fears,

and as this occurs, her eyes let loose tears.

She pulls up her hands to her ears to block out the sound,

but it's futile, it's hopeless, they yell all around.

She cries out in agony as skin's torn from bone,

she whimpers so quiet, because she's all alone.

It was one small mistake, a temptation she reveled in,

how did one wrong step, make all this agony begin?

One single night of revelation and of physical pleasure,

becomes all of the pain, far too much to measure.

There is a sharp pain above her head, her clothes torn away,

told that never agin will she see one more day.

She whimpers again as she gazes about the small room,

she had disobeyed orders, and created this tomb.

The silence surrounds her, thick anough that it strangles,

this is the fate, the end of the girl, the death of a fallen angel.

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