Do Infinately

By: Murasaki

i'm groveling in pain, i'm knowing why

bleeding is internal, rivers pour insane

my eyes are close, trying not to cry

begging of eternity to carry my shame

i put on myself, i know it's all my fault

i brought it all on to me, here i know

no one else to blame it on, this time

the world is always moving where i never want to go.

i'm falling away, i'm tripping on feet

spilling all my insides, nothing's left to gain

does it have to bring such anguish, to me

i'm broken out all over, with you in my vein.

my lights are dimming, my heart is screaming

why cant you release me, what good can i turn?

i'm watching you blaze, i'm knowing why.

you need the fire from my fingers for your body to burn.

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