Fly With Me

By: Murasaki

twilight sky is darkening hell beneath the clouds.

feral demons meander here ever so aimlessly.

rare it is to find one yet to be plagued.

i remember you, yes, when you said...

"fly with me through bitter anguish, devestation.

i'll take you home or wherever you wish to be.

dig deep your nails into my skin and we'll go

far away from where no one will ever return."

delivering me into the shadows of the night.

crippled to the core with fear, i'm paralysed.

without a thought, i release from my capture

descending one thousand years to the ground.

with all but a moment reaching down, he has me.

"fear me not. your acts come without cosequence."

weeping ever slowy i understand thus i whisper,

"take me home, i beg of you. take me home."

sunlighten sky rebukes the hell beneath the clouds.

feral demons grow cowardice to the rays of life.

as so do you my guardian from the raging storm.

find me again when the malevolence returns.

i'll be waiting here to fly with you once more.

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