In Silence

By: Murasaki

Banefulesque scurge, I know this is her

As life shallows from eyes as my own occour

All mine... now and forever

My trailblazer, she is, through all my endevours

Transcursing her soul now that I have fed

I ponder if her moment had bettered from dread

Our eyes meet through glaze unkown to you where

Cling to me, little one, I say, holding her there

She furls her arms around my stomach, my chest

Pulling her close as I kiss down her breast

It still feels so magical, so she sighs

As my sin-sullen fangs mutter poetic lies

Her lips reach for my own rising to mine

We meet again in limbo, the sweet scent divine

My mark has enshroud you, the darkness consumes

The night has grown colder... our midnight resumes

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