A Protest

By: Raven

Sit sir, and tell me of equality,

tell me this is just and fair

that if I work hard enough

I’ll get my equal share

Don’t rise so soon, tell me

what of my sisters?

the poor, disabled, women of minority,

lesbians and those that hold different political views

can you give them the same news?

cause they wish they could join the rally

but they must sell themselves in an ally

they want to attend a consciousness raising at two

but they can’t cause their husbands beat them black and blue

they want to join the march to stop oppression

but they are women of color and they need their jobs as maids

cause it’s a recession

they want to be CEO and get the raise

but they are only young once and beauty gets way more praise

I want to be a poet

but I ask you who will ever know it?

when we can’t hear our own voice

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