Mind Garden

By: Murasaki

You ask me what i fear the most

you say you'll comfort me

I tell you the world i fear the most

For, within it is my disease.

It matters not what I fear the most

only things i'm forced to feel;

warm, in comfort, and loved-not-lost

even when you're no longer real.

Far away, I hear you, breathing

soft and so sure, so deep.

Can't close my eyes, no not again.

For if so, my world I cannot keep.

It's all falling apart and shattering

little slivers of glass surround

I want to go, so far away

where I cannot be found.

You ask me what I fear the most

you say you'll comfort me

I smile so soft, my mind is clear

It is you who should fear me.

I'll bare for you my milky skin

and my fangs of enamel, ivory lies

whispering the monster that's beneath

your bed, was the one who owns these eyes.

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