No ComprendéS

By: Murasaki

upon a night before untold

times that i had emerged left behind

i found my mind slave 'round the old

i had hidden so well within my mind

please release me from the centuries

thought i had been forgotten to them

of words gone past in melodies

but they wont let me be ever again

reaching up and reaching for me

but arisen from ashes empty inside

the things i thought would never be

and demanded the laws he'd burn i'd abide

to follow forever in their steps

i'd slither off upon my brake

and blither loud with no regrets

i begged the world my soul to take

but for my wants and needs unanswered

boiling loud and filling distained

breathing on my neck, caliced and cancered

convinced i'll die alone unclaimed

when then you rouse me from my dream

that now you're in my arms for good

and to all the rest, my life may seem

cause we're not meant to be understood

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