Or Never

By: Murasaki

rebuked by the chains of anger i find myself stained and poured

with desolence and violent acts that i know aren't my own

but why is it my hands raise in innosence as if i were

culprit, what has happened though i am foreign to why

something tells me to watch behind me every moment

though i know the enemy will approach beperched

and that i will no longer be at one with myself

nor shall i be myself any longer as one but

in multiple pieces of my mortality incline

and the knife riles down with broodance

and greed and all that boils within you

as i have identified my noble violator

and that her hands have damned me

into the very placement i decay in

even in this festering existance

thus left alone to my shame

and tempramental anger

that borne me to this

way of the world

that pierced me

to the walls

of nothing


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