By: oblivion

In the thralls of catagorization,

we all become a generalization

receiving no type of compensation

as we're titled by our station,

We are known for our relations

or descripted by our nation.

Set apart by generation

and aside through each duration

with no thought or explanation

or a verbal demonstration

to the reason our donations

to our lives and education

seem to reach a condemnation

with an outraged exclamation

and over-dramatization

we respond to evangelicanization

and we insult the meditations

of the people who give the explanations.

With a sting of motivation

and the threat of seperation

here's a cry to all the nations

quit this selfish masturbation

and respond to my vocation

of the hate of the fact our station

makes us become a generalization,

just another fallen victim of the evil catagorization.

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