By: Murasaki

and now i must tell you

that i was amazed

by the words that you told me

tell me, were they true?

was it all just that simple

was my game all a lie

was it all just in vain

tell me what to do

i thought it all perfect

concieded, staero

i thought it all figured out

with flaw not in need

the one that i lied to

thought i would confied to

the lies that i said

were so unfervently

my bridge swinging lonesome

without you to cross

the lake that has seperate

your heart from mine

has now come much shorter

and the distance is small

and the weight of the lie

has lightened off of my climb;

As I sit here surmising the past has come alive.

It seems, in your eyes, that you were the fool.

when in reality, that hat had belonged to me.

you wear it on your head so proudly,

with it's jingling silver bells

so loudly, they call out to me;

the one who had put it on you,

the fool who wore it the whole time.

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