To Everyone

By: Murasaki

those who said they would lead you forward,

dragging you, coinsiding within their footsteps

suddenly stumble, wildly whirling, tumble down,

raging upon a spiral of infinite perportions.

hands are wrenched free, mute voices calling,

dropping as they do, slipping into the darkness,

leaving you alone, empty-handed, and afraid.

your eyes tilt and incline at the immaculate

strangeness that dances around your senses.

odd sounds filling up your hearing as the world

of mishapen projection plays trolley your vision.

armed with strength but lacking guidance;

weilding all but what will take you foward,

marching onward to your shadowed destiny.

the light who has born the shaded advisaries

who trade goose-pimples on your flesh for

sweat now rustles and disperses into oblivion.

hissing brilliance begins it's prance upon your back.

you wish to about, though you lack the ability

to do so. your bones crumbling, imploding solitude,

as your world has now drowned like a candle's spark.

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