Twisted Emotions

By: Murasaki

Alone, is a space in time I exist in need

Comfort, love is but a Vague Memory.

I have gained a strong understanding; Indeed,

It is no place for me to spend all Eternity.

Want, it is the emotion that cries from

My soul, my anchored, heavy heart then

Is weighted; Weighted with what? Some

Incident? A frayed Emotion? Something Enshrouded Within?

Anger, this is what is truly born from me...

But, it is my Fatal Faulter, my loss, Idioticy.

I, full of all it’s temptations, the true meaning lying

Within; I suppress it, close it off, and with it, the dying

of my Want! I hold back what sets

Me different! What separates me! What gets

The greatest of my attention! For what reason do I do

This amazing, yet morbid feat? So that I can be accepted by you...

[...And I Know You’re Not Worth It...]

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