Abused Me

By: Murasaki

The silence was broken, you let me know who you are

wanted to tell me every little detail you could remember

The madness had risen, his stench was all in the air

I'd find you crying all alone in the darkest corner

"He beat me again with a bag of nails!" you screamed,

"I tried to run away, but he caught me, he threw me. . .

He threw me through wall like he did before. . .

He hurt me. . . he broke me. . . abused me; abused me!

"The man wanted inside of me, oh he tried but I told him no!

And with every minute passed, I wish I'd just had let him in;

He pinned me down and laughed, his breath was poison

So I know he didn't really know what he was shattering within. . ."

I listened softly as you quietly screamed off your head.

You wiped away your tears, your eyes burning into me,

saying, "I can't forgive him! How could he be such a bloody pig

to hurt me. . . to break me. . . abuse me; abuse me!?"

Now you were crying harder, your hands concealed your red eyes

along with where the man had thrown you, as you told

I looked you over, I had seen scratches on your back

I could see bruises, marks, and lashes on your shoulders

"He didn't love me at all! How could this happen to me?

Why did he toss me like i'm nothing, I'm only his Daughter!

Why did he do this? How could my Father be such a beast

to hurt me. . . to break me. . . abuse me; abuse me!?"

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