What is a mother

By: crimson.bead

Born from a womb

Warm, soft, and comforting

Provided nourishment for my growth

Cushioned me from the outside world

I was euphoric in blissful ignorance

Warm in love and comfort

It was my home until it was time to see the outside world

As an adult I lie here in a foetal position

Choking on the umbilical cord, my leash, around my neck

Crying like an abandoned baby

What happened to my womb?

My womb…my womb…

No warm, soft womb to cushion me now

Allows the bruises to swell

I’m so very cold and lonely

I’d give anything for that blissful ignorance

As the realization hits for the first, painful time

Violated by my life giver and one-time protector

My womb, it betrayed me

Spat me out and played with me

Drowned me in its bloody afterbirth

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