While You Scream

By: Murasaki

I wanna rip you apart

i wanna tear you to pieces

i wanna cut you just to watch you bleed

you're nothing to me

i wanna lock you up and keep you forever

make you feel my pain, give in to me

i wanna knock you down to make you surrender

make you feel my pain, make you my slave

i wanna jerk out your eyes

i wanna slice out your throat

i wanna lead you around on a string

you're nothing to me

i wanna peel off your skin like a treasure

make you feel my agony, give in to me

i wanna eat out your veins to make you mine

make you feel my agony. make you my slave

now i'm going to let you go

let you think that you're free

then come up behind like you least expect

to bring you down to your knees

i wanna bind you in chains,

and smile while you scream...

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