Christmas Morning

By: PoetPatriot

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning not so bright,

the stars still out from night.

All is quiet… all is still;

'till the kids and pets awake.

Closets deep for presents hid ‘till now.

Stocking surprises, candy endow.

The wife’s now up no more time to rest,

Last minute fixing's for later feast.

Never ready, now too late,

Christmas now today our fate.

Thoughts plenty for family gifts,

what of the great, love filled gift?

Today the family tradition,

of Christmas feast and gifts be given.

First generous and selfish thoughts all,

then memories Christmas past recall.

The reason to gather now,

not for all to feast enow.

Christ the baby born to die,

gift to cleanse our sins, decry.

The cause be sure celebration all,

praise to God his gift to us enthrall.

Christ’s gift from sin, forever we live,

first born for death to life, the Babe lives.

- Roger W Hancock

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