Heavens Pillar

By: Wome

This supporting pillar; holding up the heavens,

Betrayed by the one it supported, a terrible felon,

Incandescant candles once held their vigil of light,

In this towering monolith, in the midst of the night.

This terrified pillar; lost in the ocean of clouds,

As malignant flames danced a show for petrified crowds,

A dark silhoette imbued with a burning conflaguration,

Radiant blade, burning along with the hopes of this nation.

This dying pillar; crying tears of sullied dust,

Attacked by swooping eagles with only blood-lust,

No mercy was found for this forlorn failing pillar,

Suffering a mortal wound at the whim of a killer.

This striken pillar; the soul of this land,

Humanity's hope destroyed by humanity's hand,

Eventually falling, like coarse sand from a palm,

A tempestuous disturbance in reality's calm.

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