September 11, 2001

By: MidnightBlaze

The sky was blue

The clouds were white

How could such a beautiful day

Contain such fright?

First one plane,

Then two and three

After four had crashed

There was no doubt as to what it could be

The sky was black with smoke

And ashes rained for hours

Through the tears and debris

We saw what had become of our 'power'

Two landmarks destroyed

Another one in harm

And 45 people went down

Into an unsuspecting farm

And as the nation copes

With its unspeakable loss

Somewhere a man laughs

And his people applaud their boss

How will this end?

And what will we do

If all of the rumors

Turn out to be true

Thousands dead

Hundreds yet unknown

All we can do is scramble

Hoping our pieces once again become sewn

So let the tears fall

Down cheeks in the rain

But we'll get through this together

And soon overcome our pain

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