Far Beyond Repair

By: Murasaki

pacified temporarily in this rapture of harmony weakened

indiscretion submurging the purity of her glory and light

the lair of the beast becomes disturbed all too soon

effortlessly rousing the fanged being which dwells here

fighting it's way through her mouth, soft eyes trembling

knowing the horror that awaits in the midst all too well

apologies drowned out with her last human breath succumbing

radiant malevolence spills out upon the floor from within

come now the screams and horror that i all but deserve

slain has the monster been many times before like the dawn

returning evermore destructive dangerous and powerful

lasting for but a fleeting moment seeming far too long

sudden as it's uproar comes retreat back into the darkness

failing to return any of the delusion or drama it brought

leaving to slumber yet another month far beyond repair

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