A Moment Of Eden

By: Wome

Within a perfect shimmering dew drop,

The morning's vagrant light dances,

Penetrating the luxuriant green canopy,

An angelic ambience, a daylight trance.

Angels are dancing within the clouds,

Those nomadic slurred white stains,

Fantastic dragons basking in the sun,

An ecstatic dance that brings the rains.

Gargantuan trees like outsretched arms,

Reaching for the swirling rapture above,

Venerable sculptures migrating to the sky,

Fluttering leaves, like the wings of a dove.

Nimble grasses that flow in the wind,

Swaying in chorus, a lushious moist field,

Eros' affectionate ballad of the wind,

That sweeping, enchanted touch it can yield.

A dizzying, swirling, swooping choereography,

As a sprightly feather slips through the air,

A piece of heaven that dream so fragile,

Angelic feather falling away like your cares.

Fragrant smells that grab your soul,

Rainbow colours that swirl and combine,

Aromas that sing poetry in your mind,

An enigma of beauty, impossible to define.

This noble sight makes your spirit weep,

The goldy second of languishing art,

Beauty so incredible, blink and it's lost,

Venus' moment forever lasts in your heart.

By James Womack

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