Best Of Both Worlds

By: oblivion

'Twas a stumbling block, she'd come upon,

a world of dreams, that were so far off.

A small little hope of gaining it all,

what there was left to gain, she knew she'd lost.

You can't have the best of both worlds,

and you can't loose the half you need most.

So the things that may happen, in other times,

you must leave alone, let them drift, coast.

When you find a raw root, sticking out from the ground,

do you step over it or let it bring you down?

When there's something you've got, that you know you can lose,

do you where a smile, or leave with a frown?

It's the best of both worlds, there's a light, and a dark,

but there's a chance you may end up with the former.

Do you leave it alone, as you sit by the phone?

Or stay with the light, where it seems so much warmer?

With a kiss you could screw yourself up to the rafters,

unknowing until it was over and done.

With a hug you remain in the halls of your refuge,

and wonder if this battle of minds can be won.

It's an enormous decision, for the one caught between,

and she wonders if she'll be able to make it.

As she lays there alone in the dark of the night,

her soul feels confused, torn and naked.

'Tis the final battle of wanting, desire, and love,

and she doesn't want to choose between.

But the knowledge of the inability to keep both worlds,

is a decision enough to make her scream.

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