Been Said Before

By: KikiOx18

This is all have been said before

by your friends, your mother, that old woman down the street..........

the word love has been put in "repeat" in my brain

just, when you said you don't care

i grasped to understand you

as for me

i learned to hate, to hurt, to cry

to really love

i was alone

i hate how you used to ignored me

when you screwed me

i hate how you talked about her

when i only wanted you to talk about us

i hate that you threw me just away

just, like that

i'm hurt like kid that was teased by his friends

you robbed me off my smile and left me to stay

you hurt me just because you could

and i let you because i knew you would

i cry now how i let you do all this to me

but i know it will be over

you'll see

one day someone else will teach all this

for now i'll just thank you

for all that you did

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