Standing Alone

By: OrangeGirl

Drawn in by what I cannot express,

Doing nothing you gave me such happiness.

Your careless demeanor and small town flare

Remind me of one whom I so deeply care

So afraid of all that could possibly be,

Yet still giving in to my lustful plea.

I gave up so much just to be with you,

The least you could have done was be true.

I shared with you my inner soul.

I told you things no one else should know.

I explained to you my greatest fears.

Believing you'd help me fight through the tears.

My fears of what we could become

And the ways from which my tears might come.

So many warned me, they said to watch out,

But my pride wouldnt let them let me doubt.

Then just as soon as our "us" began,

As short as only a three week span,

Just when I trusted you with the core of my heart,

You knowingly ripped it completely apart.

I ne'r imagined you could be so cruel,

That I fell for your lies makes me feel a fool.

But now we're through and I'll learn from my blunder

Of trusting someone with whom so much I wonder.

Is there something inside of me thats awry?

Perhaps my heart and mind dont quite comply?

Whatever you know as your honest reason

For committing this truely hurtful treason,

You made me feel used in the meanest of ways.

I hope you are happy with you hunger craze.

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