Worth While

By: Murasaki

My world is twisted, turned around about, and flipped up and inside out,

filling itself with tension, stress, and a world load of decieving doubt.

It pays to hear the downwinds billow that're sure to find your ear.

Who whip, so soft, across your eyes, that vision is unclear.

Either case, the effects the same, as if somehow you lost a friend,

mornful howls, forever, force you to be lost dead in tears again.

Simplistic dreams, now roused about, bring steady hands to quake,

and forces of tremendous size now have many shifts to make.

The world is rocked and the rocks are turned so you can finally see

no greater gift could ever be gave to compare with what One has given me.

How great it is to rejoice aloud and shout to all my wealth,

pleasing the public so they may realise the fantasy i held to myself.

When whatever I say is alright, and all that I say is great indeed,

my world so far wrapped around it, I refuse to reveal it in greed.

Now look upon what my grasp has done... it has made me lose my all,

as I reach out so full of pity, so weak, to stop this spirial fall.

Dammit, i know it has to be me, i knew this day would come

when my words and lips were useless, leaving boredom to overcome.

I told you once I had never lied to your ears i found a delight

but when i said i knew those words you spoke, i brewed of false so bright.

I dont expect anything to change from the exchange of this poem as before,

just you to understand the maze of myself i hid from you inside ever more.

But i need you to see what i feel, wait, better yet, your eyes do shield,

you need not to see my heart ripped out or the ash that my eyes are filled.

And believe not the words that your friends may soon uphold to you,

cause i am wanting not of assistance to the other side of death so true.

You want your space, you got it now, hope it makes all things alright,

just remember what you want, i want, and no more of your pleasure will we fight.

If ever i lose your friendship and love, i'd soon find myself in stryfe,

for, without your arms entrapping me, i'd have no need for this life.

So this is the final poem i give to you, i hope that it makes you smile,

to let you know, our love we shared, makes living my life worth while...

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