Damaged goods

By: crimson.bead

I have seen, I have felt, and I will never forget

The pain caused by those I have loved

Encrusted on my heart, daggers in my soul, poison in my mind.

I knew you felt the same pain.

You told me nobody wanted you…nobody wanted damaged goods.

Who buys bruised bananas?

I told you that bruised bananas are ripe, and ripe bananas are the sweetest.

My soul saw a path of salvation that led to you…vague, winding, but it was there

And tonight the path was hidden beneath a shroud of bushes

Beneath the truth that some people don’t want damaged goods.

I should have known that one who says nobody wants damaged goods

Will never want damaged goods…will never want me.

I sit, unsure if I should weep

Why weep for missing one who is not the soul I seek?

The past that lets me love and accept damaged goods

Is the past that damaged me

Makes me unwanted, damages my future.

What could be, may never be

There seems to be no paths or exits

In the overgrown hedge maze

I wish I could see the way out…I really need to tonight

I seek my salvation

I am lonely

I am sick of thorns, sick of cuts, sick of bruises

Sick of people who refuse to see that not only are they damaged goods,

That they too can damage goods.

What comes around goes around

Right now it’s going around, and around, and around.

I’m trying to put an end to this cycle

But it just seems so hopeless.

Will I ever find someone who will salvage damaged goods?

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