En Obscuridad

By: Murasaki

Let this silence be broken, shattered to oblivion.

Let this anger that rests in me to no longer be what i live within.

Let this solitude of broken desire fall downward in shame.

Let this emmaculate, bloody ignorance be my last heart-damning remain.

Let this verse I speak out loud, be the one to which my sins shall bow,

Let this memory of what you have of me live inside of you, somehow...

Many nights, these words appear inside of my dented mind,

and I knew not until this day what within you I would find.

I want this to be my fortune, but I know now it must be

words of truth, said all too clear, that drives the breath from me.

It's cast about among thousands, full of interest that it gives,

no longer stolen by broken ruins, where the feeling no longer lives.

And it's hard to be so vulnerable when the one I want can confer,

that reasons for my abstainance of rebellion is for her.

And what kind of life is it if i'm living without freedom, too?

The kind of life i'm wanting, if my life is lived for you...

Now we're standing, eye to eye, and my quivering soul falls weak,

feeling affections flowing through, your hand raised to my cheek.

Never could a minute pass so lovingly through time,

my lips fall soft against your palm, your hand held close in mine.

Could it be, i've found the one who can always make me smile,

the one, who when she's around, makes all of my dreams worthwhile?

Won't you be the one whom I can share my secrets and thoughts,

the good, bad, and to trust each other, no matter what the costs.

So when you're thinking of me, to bring a smile; here is a clue:

those three words whispered across your ear, will always be ment for you...

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