My Angel

By: Murasaki

My Angel of Angels,

where are you tonight?

Trying hard but I can't see you

no matter how hard I might.

Are you walking, are you talking

are you asleep in your bed?

I wrote you a letter

and this what it had said:

My Angel, sweet Angel,

where are you, my love?

It's been so long since the last time

I've seen the stars up above

contrary to what it sounds like

it isn't outside they lie

but it's all on the inside,

inside of your eyes.

My Angel, dear Angel,

where now do we stand?

As I remember, yes I remember

you promised to me your hand.

Are you happy with the outcome

that's between you and I?

Your heart was frozen up solid

until my words made it cry.

My Angel of Angels,

I have found you tonight.

We've made it this far together

with all of our might.

Together walking, together talking

together singing this song

while I lift you to heaven

right where angels belong.

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