Stand Strong

By: wildcard

-Written after the horrible events

on the 11:th of September 2001-

"The lightning struck

out of the shell,

People struggled

but many fell"

"They didn't get

an honest chance,

to live their lives

in love and romance"

"Yet there is no place

for anger or revenge,

no one can recall

what MikeĀ“s taken hence"

"Their lives are efaced

and so are thine,

If you do not let go,

but just steps in the line"

"Sword doesn't bite

in this matter of fight,

tell me last time,

hate wiped out fright"

"Now we must gather

and face our love,

towards the matter

that needs it the most"

"When will people see,

that it isn't just thee,

with fiery hate,

who mustn't be"

"Cause hate and pride

but two different views,

of one allied

who should be put aside"

"The dead has gone

forever on,

but keep their love

and you will stand Strong"

"Does more victims really

solve this debate,

will it not just,

swallow all faith?"

-Remember the words of Ghandi:

"Eye for an Eye - Makes the world blind"-

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