No Longer Empty

By: Murasaki

Upon the darkest, drearful day

That i traveled through this land

Alone, hand held vacant, wanting

Waiting for your hand

I wished for you, I prayed for you

to find me in your eyes so fine.

Your touch, your emotion, love and life

I wanted you to be mine.

I felt as if I were tossed aside

As you made many others feel

But I saw you, and you seen me

And in that instant, Love was real.

We met on the corner of Broken Hearts

Bleeding for another.

We exchanged a glance

Of lost Romance,

and fell for each other.

You told me, of wedding rings

and aniversaries...

And the times you had,

when you felt glad

Were now horrid memories.

I told you of the life I had

Beating, Hatred, Swears...

I then asked you to come with me

And play Director of my Prayers.

You smiled, and gently took my hand

And thought of what to choose...

Then turned around to me,

said, “Let This Be!

What have I got to lose?”

I said, “Honey, there’s not that much to lose

But a hell of a lot to gain.

For you with me, yes,

there you’ll be...

In my heart you shall Remain.”

Under God, we swore our vows aloud

and felt that love was never more aplenty.

For, now, the space in my

Coveting Heart...

Is No Longer Empty...

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