By: Murasaki

Many days I see you,

and hold you in my mind.

I find myself looking back

to my only chance, left far behind.

though you and I never talk,

I admire you from afar,

watching you, wanting you,

knowing how beautiful you are.

and as words form in my mind,

and i step close to you,

I soon feel my cowerdice

and i never follow through.

I regret my neglegance

and my ignorance as well,

for now you have someone to hold,

leaving my words to dwell.

though the times you are with him,

you do not feel such denial,

and behind his lips, pressed to yours,

is your beautiful, loving smile.

but, if ever you find yourself torn away

and eyes happen to find me,

I'll take you deep inside my heart

and show you how great love can be.

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