The Simple Life

By: Murasaki

Grandpa John used to tell me about the simple life he led

where men were men with working jobs and family they did keep fed

when all that mattered was keeping crop and mastering Fatherhood

and the women were to tend the house and clean where their men stood

as I sat and listened to his wordy story with his eyes locked onto mine

I begin to think and imagine myself living back in this magical time

Uncle Stan also told tales of his sweet, so simple life

talk about 'a war was won', means he got himself a wife

it seemed almost impossible that Uncle Stan was the founder of gold

on a prairie so hot in California when he was just 12 years old

"that's how I got where I am today", he said as he puffed his Cigar,

"by being able to walk 1,000 miles, rather than drive a car"

Great-Aunt Audrie had some sweet stories of her own to tell,

of her children, so strong at heart, which did their jobs so well

she had but to tell them once to have them jump to her command

ruling not with a whip, nor belt, nor shoe, but with a mighty, iron hand

don't get her wrong, yes she was strict, her softer side always led

to story time at 8 o'clock as she told us everynight in bed.

These are my heros, those lucky enough to have lived in happier years

those who lived "The Simple Life", those who are forever worth my tears...

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