To My Parents, With Love

By: Teddy

No one was ever luckier than I

For I was given the best parents in the world.

They love me for myself,

Never criticize, but rather advise.

They are gentle caring people,

Never raising voices in anger,

Always open-minded.

They have always treated me as

An intelligent human being;

Listening when I talk,

Supportive of my efforts.

They admit they can be wrong

But seldom are.

They are generous with their affections,

With their finances,

With their love,

With their time,

And with their support.

They have given their lives

To raise a family of

Intelligent, sensitive, successful people.

They are my best friends,

They heal me when I hurt,

And hold me when I am sad.

Never a day goes by

That I do not give thanks

For having the parents I have.

I am the envy of all I know;

I only hope I can be worthy of them.

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